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Covid-19 and Other Health Challenges
I hope in this new world that we are experiencing the worst thing can be the things we know and the things that we don't.

Our Cancelation Policy is Very liberal being only 72 hours prior to your stay. Please do not travel if you are experiencing symptoms of any illness.

* This 2020 Covid-19, was an unexpected and unprecedented event in our lifetimes. I'm truly grateful for all of the medical staff and the emergency development of the treatments and vaccines.  I'm truly hopeful that we do not have to experience this again.

* The National Park is a Federal administered Property set some policies that we can not control the policies that they set forth. Where you can not social distance, be careful and respectful to others.

* We have always strived to maintain a clean and sanitary facility.  We laundry linens between guests.
* Air travel is limited as defined by the individual airlines, please contact them for the best up to date information.  Delta/SLC and United/Denver are Serving West Yellowstone with two flights each.

* Here in West Yellowstone, we do not have a hospital, with the nearest one is 50 miles away. Please only travel if your are healthy and not having any symptoms of illness of any kind. Do not do things that you will need emergency care for as we are so far from trauma care centers.

* The Vendors in the Park,   See the Yellowstone National Park website for details

There are Bears out of hibernation and we have had a recent Grizzly interaction that resulted in a fatality. Wolves are being seen everywhere, even in town and near our home.  There is every reason to be safe around them, bears don't care what you are doing you have entered their world. Keep your distance at least, 100 yards/meters. We sell bear-spray at reasonable price in the Gift Shop, please do not take chances, this is a serious deal if you have an interaction with a Bear.  You can also order it as part of your reservation.

ugh this.

*We don't know where the Bears and Wolves will be when you arrive. Other than the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center here in West Yellowstone they are always there and easy to see, this is a worth while experience.

If you have made your stay through Expedia or any 3rd parties you will need to contact them directly to cancel.

Remain Calm, Our Cancelation Policy is Very liberal being only 72 hours prior to your stay, please make sure that you give other guests the time to book the room if you feel as though you are going to modify your summer travel plans.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.
(406) 646-7745 | reservations@madisonhotelmotel.com

Please be health conscious and protect others, get the vaccine!

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