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Summer 2020 Season and the Covid-19 Challenges
I hope in this new world that we are experiencing the worst thing can be the things we know and the things that we don't. Let me begin by giving you an update.

Things We Know...

* The World is suffering greatly.

* Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton National Park have temporarily closed. The West entrance gate was closed Mid March to April 17 already for plowing.

* The Outbreak is totally unpredictable, we have cases here Montana, none locally, all are in the more populated parts of Montana.

* We have always strived to maintain a clean and sanitary facility.

* Travel is limited into the Bozeman Airport, with flight schedules changing daily, some areas there are so few passengers that the flights are being cancelled.

* The Park north entrance at Gardner closed 03/23/2020 temporarily, this was instigated by the Park County, Health Department, they only have two ICU beds in the county and if there was a Guest that came without symptoms and then it manifests its self it could quickly overwhelm the available resources here.

* Here in West Yellowstone, we do not have a hospital, with the nearest one 50 miles away and they too are limited.

* Daily the Government Officials close deeper into the business sector to make visiting Yellowstone unfeasible until we have more Food services available for guests.

* Currently, we only have three places serving foods for takeout only. This may change if the Park does open on April 17.

* The Big Vendors in the Park (Xanterra and Delaware North) have sent letters out saying that they will not be opening their operations until May 22 at the earliest thus, not foods, restrooms at the big venues.

* There are Bears out of hibernation. Wolves are being seen everywhere, even in town and at our home by the neighbor.

Things We Don't Know...

*We don't know if the Park will open as scheduled on April 17 https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvist/parkroads.htm due to the support activity in the park from Delaware North and Xanterra not being fully open until May 22

*We don't know if the Health department will allow hotels will rent as we approach the summer season.

*We don't know what we don't know. But We need God's help to get through this.

*We don't know where the Bears and Wolves will be when you arrive. Other than the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center here in West Yellowstone.

We are planning to take our first guests on the 10th of May unless we are otherwise directed by the State or Gallatin County Health Dept.

Have you assessed your plan yet for your event? If you cancel now you may lose the dates or room that you wished to have.

If you have made your stay through Expedia or any 3rd parties you will need to contact them directly to cancel.

Remain Calm, Our Cancelation Policy is Very liberal being only 72 hours prior to your stay, please make sure that you give other guests the time to book the room if you feel as though you are going to modify your summer travel plans.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.
(406) 646-7745 | reservations@madisonhotelmotel.com

Please be health conscious and protect others,

The Historic Madison Hotel, Motel and Gift Shop
Garrett and Jan Ostler

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