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Check in time starts daily at 3:00 pm.
Fees may be assesed for early check in at manager desgression.

Bear Spray in your room or building, simply leave it in your vehicle. $1000 fine minimum along with a cleaning fee or loss of business fee for any deployment accidental or intentional. This may also include relocation fees of other guests.

Credit Card Payment is required for all stays, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. NO CASH ACCEPTED! Credit Card information must be verified in person, this information will be maintained within our reservation system as a "property guarantee" as it relates to the following policies. The Credit card must match the registered guest name and credentials. As a normal practice we will charge the card you provided, the day of your arrival. The 72 hour cancellation time has passed at the time of charging your card that you offered us, therefor, invalid cards, the room may be released at 3:00 pm the day of your expected arrival, use a card that will be valid through your time of staying with us. If you require that we change to another card than the one you booked with we, may add a 5% service fee.

Linen damage: Our white towels are expensive, if the use that you are using our white towel for would stain it like, it would stain yours at home, please don't do it. We provide you a black "makeup" and a "dirty job" towel for those tasks. Stained linens will be charged as damage. We can also get you some already damaged towels if needed.

NO SMOKING OR COOKING - or bringing burnt materials/cigerett butts inside the facility or rooms, at any time. Montana State Law states: "No smoking within 20 feet of a door or window". A $500 minimum fine per day of your stay will be assessed if your room has smoking materials or smells that needs to be cleaned. This also pertains to vaping products or other burnt or un-burnt items such as incents or materials (Like marijuana, FYI it is legal to use in recreationally Montana this does not apply to our private property even with a medical card in our rooms according to the Law). No Cooking in the room, other than in the provided Microwave, failure to monitor the microwave may cause burning, that could result in the enforcement of this policy. No personal cooking appliances coffee maker, crock pot, rice cooker and Insta-pot shall be used at any time. Strong residual odors from cooking or other things shall be subject to this policy. If it leaves a residue or smell, it's not appreciated by us or the next guest. We will gladly collect and remove your garbage as requested from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm call or text the front desk. WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS POLICY.

NO PETS - Please leave your animals at home. A $200 minimum fine per day stayed, along with replacement cost for furniture or items damaged, including labor, will be assessed if your room has evidence of a pet including, smell, food, hair, urine, feces, property damage, video evidence. Certified Trained, Service Animals, are also subject to this damage policy. We do not accommodate "Comfort Pets".

NO PERSONAL BEDDING - including pillows, cots, or sleeping bags. Each bed is supplied with clean proper linens. If you do bring yours in you may be charged a cleaning fee, if pests are discovered after your stay. This may cause cancellations that you could be responsible for in addition to your cleaning fee. Car/vehicle charging is not permitted at any time. If you attempt this, we shall fine you $500 minimum fee.

CHANGES/CANCELLATION - 72-hour notice of cancellation is required. We understand that plans do change, should you need to make a change or cancel your reservation, please contact us by email at reservations@madisonhotelmotel.com or call us at (406)-646-7745. Changes to your stay are still subject to the 72-hour change policy, a forfeiture of 1 day fee, may be assessed, also the discount rates may also be forfeited. There will be no penalty when contacting us more than 72-hours prior (3 days) to your reservation stay date; failure to arrive or cancel more than 72 hours of reservation (3:00 PM Three Days Prior) will be cause for a minimum one night's stay charge with no exceptions. Special offers, and group bookings may be non-cancellable and non-refundable. Booking the incorrect gender dorm bed is not refundable. You may be required to prove the reasonable cause of the change request. Photo of accident record or proof of test, or other reasons.

THIRD PARTY BOOKING - IF you book with Expedia, NPR or their many partner companies, you must coordinate the change or cancellation through them directly, their fees may still be applied. When you make that booking with them this constitutes an accepting of our property policy and the associated penalties.

Stays longer than one night are treated as if they are "Do Not Disturb" No maids will service your room during your stay. Arrangements may be made by 11am daily for that day to refresh your room (change of towels, empty trash and add supplies) at the front desk or by texting or calling 406-646-7745. This is about conserving energy and resources. Stays more than three days we may check the supplies and waste recepticals.

Rooms 1-8, by booking a "Inn Style" room you accept all the personal responsibility for your safety while using shared restrooms and locking private showers, if you find it needing attention, You agree to report the condition to the desk so it can be addressed properly to the front desk or text 406-646-7745, 24 hours a day.

DAMAGE/THEFT - Stolen items will be charged at the replacement price, unreasonably damaged furniture, blankets, towels and sheets will also be purchased by the guest at the replacement costs. Removing towels, linens or pillows from the premises is not acceptable and you may be charged for the replacements if soiled due to use out of the normal expected in room servicing including wiping your vehicle.

ITEMS LEFT IN ROOMS - Please be attentive when clearing out of your room. Should we find something, we will in good faith attempt to contact you to, decide what you wish to do to get you your item back. You will be charged for packaging and freight costs. If no response from you in 72 hours we may dispose of the item at the our discretion.

MISCONDUCT, We reserve the right to ask a guest to leave without refund of the current days' stay, if they are disorderly, show a lack respect to other guests or show disrespect to the property, employees. The Police may be requested to get involved with the eviction and trespass notice order. We reserve the right to refuse services, goods or accommodation to anyone for any reason, at any time.

In HOTEL/INN (rooms 1-15) NO children under the age of 5 are allowed to stay due to noise control but, they are welcome in the MOTEL. All Children and Guests, all ages, are included in the Guest count at check in, you may not exceed the allotted guest count for the room! At no time can guests invite others to stay in their room without consent of the property manager, this constitutes “theft by deception” and will be charged at full rates and charges may be filed with the police.

TRAVEL AGENTS, the arrangements must note that you are making this for a guest in the special request part of your reservation, we will charge the card on file unless another arrangement has been made in advance to the 72-hour cancellation policy. At no time will we pay any commissions, unless there is a written, notarized recorded legal business agreement signed by both parties in advance of the booking. The guests contact information along with the email needs to also be made available. The guest must also have a current/active credit card on file at check in.

Policy and Prices subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Why do we have these rules and fines? Because of previous guests that are no longer welcome to stay here.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Pets are not allowed.

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.